Nike Direct

Role: Sr. UX/UI Designer

Nike Direct, previously known as DTC (Direct to Consumer), represents various B2C directives, including various Nike Digital web and iOS application teams, building tools for the retail environment.

I worked on the Nike Store Tools team, to reach POC (Proof of Concept) for The Athlete Platform iOS app, a learning system to provide continuing education to Nike in-store Athletes (retail associates). Our task was to begin the process of research and discovery, with the goal of converting a legacy, paper-based system of training to a proprietary iOS app.

Nike Store Tools

My work for Nike Store Tools is under NDA. Please contact me for more information.

My responsibilities included:

  • Research and analyze legacy training materials and relevant corporate culture & history.
  • Organize training materials into an updated hierarchy, with a focus on creating digital content.
  • Interview and survey retail associates (eventual user base) about current training and learning practices.
  • Conceptualize game-based learning tools to foster retail associate enthusiasm and interest in absorbing both corporate culture and product information.
  • Create wireframes and user flows to demonstrate how this updated learning information would be delivered in an iOS app.
  • Work closely with Product Owner and Nike UX designers to ensure that deliverables meet business objectives and fit with Nike design DNA
  • Present future version goals to show how The Athlete Platform iOS app could eventually expand and grow into a valuable tool within the HR department.
  • Present all findings and ideas to key business stakeholders.