Arboria Case Study

This is a product marketing site for a long-time client in Portland, OR. They manufacture outdoor furniture & accessories. The site is built with Kirby, a very flexible and extensible CMS, allowing them to manage 100% of their content, including their extensive product catalog.

Agency: BuildingOnline
Role: Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Development


  1. Create a product category structure that is both easy to navigate, on the front end, and allows for painless management and growth in the CMS.
  2. Keep the UI simple, and put the focus on the product photography. Users need to envision the product in their own living space.
  3. Drive sales through their network of affiliated dealers & distributors.


Entry point into the product catalog is always given clear, high priority with a single CTA that lives with the branding in the header.


Showcase some of their strongest selling products on the landing page, and encourage users to take a direct path to product information.


Product Hierarchy

Product categorization is simple and uncluttered. Main entry point contains some relevant search engine optimized copy, pertaining to care & maintenance of the product. User navigation pathway into product sub-categories is obvious and immediate.

On the backend, all content is product-specific, so there's no media library to maintain. If the client adds a product line, and the top level, and then adds the individual product content, the UI expands to accommodate, as the new content waterfalls into place.


Product Information

Individual product pages feature both in-place product shots, and technical specifications (with more detailed spec sheets available for download).

A related products module drives multiple product sales. On the back-end, Kirby's highly flexible blueprint structure allows for the inclusion of additional Admin UI elements, such as this ability to easily associate a product with any number of additional products.

Users are given direct access to affiliated dealer listings, for immediate online purchase, as well as the option to quickly find local retailers in their area. The Where to Buy page is populated by JSON data, including Google map pin data for visual assistance.

A product review module was added to encourage customer engagement.