Building Hadley

Step 2: Project goals and constraints

Hadley is a WordPress theme for writers. I'm sharing my process as I design & develop, and I'll talk about some of the decisions I'm making along the way.

A WordPress Theme for Writers

Step 1: Define the target audience
Step 2: Project goals and constraints
Step 3: Theme UX/UI
Step 4: Local dev environment / Git workflow
Step 5: User testing / feedback
Step 6: Hadley documentation (user guides and helpful tips)
Step 7: Ship

Step 2: Project goals and constraints

Hadley will be a FREE WordPress theme

Hadley is a small side project I'm using to improve my WordPress theme development skills. Since I won't make any revenue, I can't offer post-install support, other than bug-fixes. I think this is justifiable for any open source project. What you see is what you get, with exceptions limited to time, availability and necessity.

I also believe that to contribute positively to the open source community, support in the way of up-front documentation and information is a professional responsibility. When Hadley is launched, I plan to have an extensive documentation page explaining who it's for & how it works, and offering some best-practices for use.

Constraints are good for design

Most WordPress themes have an everything-for-everyone level of flexibility. It's one of the reasons WordPress runs so much of the internet. I have more interest in choosing a specific use-case, and building a theme to suit that user. I will, of course, design and develop Hadley to fit the WordPress plug & play environment. If you're not a writer, you might still like this theme for your personal site. I have to meet that basic requirement for it to qualify as a usable WordPress theme.

But if you're not whom I'm defining in my target audience, it's probably not the best theme for you. This constraint will allow me to build a shippable theme in a reasonable time-frame that is of more value to its target audience than, perhaps, another generic one-size-fits-all theme.

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