Building Hadley

Step 1: Define the target audience

Hadley is a WordPress theme for writers. I'm sharing my process as I design & develop, and I'll talk about some of the decisions I'm making along the way.

A WordPress Theme for Writers

Step 1: Define the target audience
Step 2: Project goals and constraints
Step 3: Theme UX/UI
Step 4: Local dev environment / Git workflow
Step 5: User testing / feedback
Step 6: Hadley documentation (user guides and helpful tips)
Step 7: Ship

Step 1: Define the target audience

My wife is a writer. She recently completed her MFA, and she is working on her first book. Spending time with her and her classmates / fellow graduates, I saw an opportunity to create a WordPress theme tailored specifically to the needs of writers. Obviously "writers" is a broad term at a time when anyone can publish and curate content online with the numerous tools available.

To better define my target audience for the purpose of this project, I'm defining "writer" as one currently publishing books and/or articles for a living, or one aspiring to do so. As general as it sounds, this definition helps me set my target audience apart from the average person who writes, about any topic, primarily online. I'm not trying to discount the latter category. I'm a part of that segment.

My goal is to set very specific constraints that will apply to my design and development of Hadley. WordPress themes need to have a lot of generalist characteristics, but this will help me make some more specific decisions along the way.

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